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Subbly Subscription Platform Review

Have you been thinking about venturing into niche world of subscription boxes? If so, it might be worth checking out Subbly! I just launched my quarterly subscription service for Sororities, Greek Swag Pack, in September 2021 and I am extremely happy with Subbly and all the features and flexibility it has to offer so far!
When using Subbly you have 2 options: Integrate Subbly’s check- out to your existing store or Build your store with their professional templates. I chose to use a template and found that it was fairly easy with simple drag and drop features.
One of the reasons I chose Subbly over other subscription platforms was their flexibility with subscription billing options. I knew that I wanted to have a quarterly service and Subbly allowed me to completely customize my shipments. 


Subbly comes with a lot of other helpful features including the following:

  • Free encryption of SSL
  • Conversion tracking
  • Fast support
  • New features all the time
  • Recovery features for cart
  • Privacy notifications feature
  • Customer referable program
  • Ability to create coupons and discounts
  • Many different shipping methods
  • Customization of email notification
  • Quick website times
  • Ability to add your personalized branding
  • Customization of storefront
  • Order management made easy
  • Ability to purchase products one time for faster checkout
  • Can create surveys
  • Themes and apps are free
  • Blogging functions
  • Easy and high-quality UI


Subbly is nice and simple with their price points, having just two on offer. Their checkout service is just $14 a month while their website service is $29 per month. If you’re looking for a comparison, these prices are pretty similar to other services such as Shopify.

However, they Subbly end up being cheaper when you consider their features for recurring payments, etc. A lot of these other companies will charge up to $30 extra a month for a feature like this so that you can see it as a pretty good deal.


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