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What's a Swag Pack?

Branded packages sourced, assembled and shipped, taking the burden of this time consuming project off of your organization! The packages are a fun way to show your appreciation for your members' or staffs' continued dedication!

Sorority Fraternity Swag Promotional BagSorority Fraternity Swag Promotional Bag
Fraternity Gift Box

High quality
branded items
bundled together

Sorority Para

Various items
from stickers to
apparel and beyond

Sorority Fraternity Swag Promotional Bag

Perfect for
boosting morale and event registration

Team Appreciation Swag Packs

With a ‘direct mail’ approach, you can use swag to boost morale and help your members feel appreciated. Our team can create a swag pack to fit any budget and quantity!

Sorority Conference Swag
Fraternity Sorority Member Gifts
Employee Appreciation Gift
Sorority Conference Swag
Fraternity Sorority Member Gifts
Fraternity Sorority Member Gifts

Virtual Event Swag Packs

Whether you need to bulk ship 1,000 gifts to a conference venue or 100 gifts to individual staff, let us handle the logistics! We will get your packs where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Sorority Conference Swag
Fraternity Sorority Member Gifts
Employee Appreciate Gift
Employee Appreciate Gift

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